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Litter Prevention

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Litter Prevention

Maggie McMahon, Litter Prevention Coordinator

110 Phoenix Avenue

Greenwood, SC 29649

Phone: (864) 942-8705


Greenwood County is working to build sustainable communities where litter is not tolerated or accepted. Last year, over 4.5 tons of trash was picked up along the county‚Äôs roadways and almost 2.5 tons from along the shores of Lake Greenwood.  Litter prevention starts by educating and raising awareness of South Carolina Litter laws and the negative impact litter has on Greenwood County.

Ways you can help prevent litter?

Keep a litter bag in your vehicle to place your bottles, wrappers, etc. until proper disposal is available.

Make sure your trash cans have tight fitting lids

Cover or secure your load when hauling waste.

Encourage and motivate people around you to join in on the cleanup effort

Look for ways to enhance beautification in your yard or neighborhood

Negative effects of Litter

Decreased community pride

Up to a 10% drop in property value

Harms wildlife and their habitats

Spreads sickness or disease

Decreases tourism revenue

Prevents industry growth

 If you are unable to dispose of your bags you can call Greenwood County Public Works at (864) 942-8662. Or the SCDOT at (864) 227-6701