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Greenwood County

South Carolina

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Greenwood County Voter Registration & Elections Office will conduct a public test of the central count ballot scanners

6/14/22, 2:00 PM

6/14/22, 3:30 PM


Greenwood County Voter Registration & Elections Office will conduct a public test of the central count ballot scanners

2022 Primary Election

6/14/22, 2:00 PM

6/15/22, 2:30 AM


2022 Primary Election


Proposed Budget Increases Employee Compensation Without Raising Taxes

6/17/24, 8:00 PM

Proposed Budget Increases Employee Compensation Without Raising Taxes

Greenwood County Celebrates New Playground at J.C. Boozer Recreation Complex

3/26/24, 8:15 PM

Greenwood County Celebrates New Playground at J.C. Boozer Recreation Complex

Parks and Recreations Achieves a 10% Increase in Youth Sports Participation

2/27/24, 5:30 PM

Parks and Recreations Achieves a 10% Increase in Youth Sports Participation


Greenwood County Courthouse
528 Monument Street


Greenwood, SC 29646
Hours: 8:30-5:00 Monday-Friday

 Emergency Management Coordinator


Phone: (864) 942-8553

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Mission Statement:  The Department leads the county level integrated emergency management program in order to minimize the loss of life and destruction of property as well as efficiently and effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from all hazard events.


Vision:  An accomplished and innovative leader in emergency management within the state recognized as ready, relevant, responsible, and resilient.

  • Ready to respond to any event and recovery swiftly and efficiently

  • Relevant to the needs of the community as well as the threats

  • Responsible fiscally as well as to all stake holders, but especially the citizens

  • Resilient in that the integrated emergency management program can sustain itself through events as well as personnel changes.

Genasys Emergency Management (GEM)

Genasys Emergency Management (GEM) mass notification system, powered by Genasys, Inc, serves as
the primary communication tool for public safety topics, including severe weather alerts, evacuation
notices, missing person reports, and other critical information in Greenwood County.

To register for the GEM, residents can visit

During registration, individuals can choose the types of alerts they wish to receive and how they prefer
to receive them. Options include notifications through landline phones, cell phones, text/SMS messages,
and email. Residents can prioritize the order in which they receive alerts, ensuring that the most critical
information is delivered promptly.

GEM provides a Spanish-language option.

For enhanced targeting and precise messaging, residents are urged to provide their home addresses
when registering. GEM allows users to add multiple addresses, such as home and work addresses, to
receive location-specific messages. Additionally, residents can include multiple phone numbers within
their accounts, making it easier to keep the entire family informed during emergencies.

Sign up now at
Questions or Problems? Call (864) 942-8553

The information entered into the GEM system is strictly intended for emergency and official county/city
communication purposes. Neither Genasys nor Greenwood County will share or sell any personal
information provided. Residents can trust that their data is handled with the utmost care and privacy.

Phone alerts will be from: 864-538-6222
Email alerts will be from: Greenwood County Emergency Alerts <>
Text/SMS message will show up from: Sender ID 65513

About Genasys, Inc:
Genasys® is a global provider of critical communications systems and solutions that help protect and
keep people safe. The Company’s unified software-as-a-service and hardware platform includes Genasys
Emergency Management (GEM), Zonehaven™ emergency evacuation resources, National Emergency
Warning System (NEWS), Integrated Mass Notification System (IMNS), and LRAD® long-range
communication systems. Genasys systems are in service in more than 100 countries in a range of diverse
markets and applications, including defense, law enforcement, homeland security, public safety,
emergency warning, mass notification, critical event management, and more. For more information,

About GEM:
GEM, Genasys Emergency Management, is a multi-channel alerting system. GEM alerts are broadcast on
multiple channels, including SMS, email, landline and mobile phones, mobile app push notification, and


Other uses for the system include:

Administration Health

  •  General Information

  •  Drinking Water Contamination

  •  Disaster/Major Event Follow-up

  •  Flu Pandemics

  •  Severe Weather Warnings

  •  Viral Outbreaks

  • (floods, hurricanes)


Emergency Management Law Enforcement

  •  Chemical Spills

  •  Missing Children

  •  Nuclear Hazards

  •  Missing Elderly, Disabled or At Risk

  •  Terrorist Threats Adults 

  •  Mudslides

  •  Bomb Threats

  •  Winter Weather Emergencies

  •  Hostage Situations 

  •  Escaped Prisoner Warnings

  • Elected Officials 

  • Sexual Predator Alerts

  • Community Meeting Information

  • Neighborhood Crime Watch Support

  • Genasys Emergency Management Integrated Public Alert

  • Warning System (IPAWS) system 

Public Works Fire

  •  Planned Outages

  •  Evacuation Notices and Routes

  •  Street Closures

  •  HAZMAT Emergencies

  •  Dam/Levy Breaks

  •  Gas Leaks

Internal Communications


  • First Responder Notifications

  • Critical Incident Call Out

ECN will also conduct a county-wide test of the database and phone system to determine the local phone system infrastructure capabilities in order to reduce congestion during an emergency situation due to a call out.

A free application for both iPhones and androids is available to receive emergency notifications. 

For additional questions or to register, call 211 or (864)942-8553.

Genasys Emergency Management Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GEM?
The Genasys Emergency Management (GEM) system is an multi-channel (i.e. SMS, voice,
email, etc.) communication solution that provides lifesaving emergency information.

2. What types of notifications/messages will I receive from GEM?
GEM is the primary mass notification system for Greenwood County. Users will receive
public safety notifications, including severe weather alerts, evacuation notices, missing
person reports, and other critical information.

3. I am already signed up for CodeRED notifications. Do I have to register for GEM?
Beginning 7/15/2023, Greenwood County will not be using CodeRed for its emergency
messages. The information residents previously provided to CodeRED has been
transferred to GEM; however, we ask residents to please log into GEM to review and
update their notification preferences and confirm that their contact information is
accurate and up-to-date.

4. How will I know if a phone call, email, or text (SMS) is coming?
Email messages will come from Greenwood County Emergency Alerts
<>, phone calls will display as (864) 538-6222, and text/SMS
messages will use the sender ID 65513.

5. My contact information has changed, how do I update it?
Login to the GEM portal and go to the page that needs to be updated. For instance,
account or emails, and update your information. Remember to click the “Update”
button when done.

6. How do I register?
Visit to sign up for
notifications. To receive text alerts, you must add your SMS (text message) phone

7. Who can register?
Anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Greenwood County can sign up. Visitors
or people with family in Greenwood may also register.  

8. Why does it say I’m already registered?
Your information was transferred from CodeRED. If attempting to register and you
receive a pop-up message that says "Email is already registered" or "Number is already
registered", simply return to the login screen and click on Forgot Your Password.


9. Do I need to provide an address or location?
Providing a home or work location is not required; however, not having a location in the
system will prevent you from receiving critical weather alerts, such as tornadoes, and
other alerts that are geo-targeted (i.e., location based).

10. Will my contact information be shared with others?
No, the information you provide will only be used by Greenwood County to send you
alerts. Your contact information will never be sold.

11. What are some reasons alerts from GEM may not be delivered to me?
● Your contact information is not up to date
● You did not enable the SMS checkbox
● Your phone is off or busy for an extended period of time

12. How do I remove my information from the system?
You can unsubscribe directly from the registration portal. Log in and select the
unsubscribe button and follow the prompts. This will delete all contact data from the

County Red Cross Shelters

The Red Cross has identified Shelters in Greenwood County. These shelters will be opened only when needed. Need is determined by hazard impacts in the community and when opened, Red Cross will operate them.


In order to determine which shelters are open, please listen to the local radio stations (Sunny 103.5 FM or WCRS 1450 AM), look on line at the Red Cross Shelter website, or call 211.   

Special Medical Needs Shelters

 A Special Medical Needs Shelter (SMNS) is an emergency shelter that offers limited support for people with special medical needs and their adult caregivers.  An SMNS is for people with medical conditions that are not severe enough to require hospitalization, but do require care not available at Red Cross Shelters.  One family member or adult caregiver should accompany each person who seeks safety in a SMNS.

The SMNS will be opened based on need after a hazard event.  The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control oversees these shelters.

Road Closures

The following are the roads closed in Greenwood County:

Creek Road West is closed from 6 January until the work on dam is complete. Road is closed only over the Chinquapin Dam.

Road Closure Map

Business and Industry

The physical safety and economic security of the citizens, business and industry of Greenwood County are issues of common concern to the public and private sectors. There are actions these entities can take to prepare for, respond to, and quickly recover from an impact to the county’s business and industry. These actions will minimize business interruption and ensure the county’s economic engine remains strong.


The intent of this page is to provide links as well as documents to assist businesses in developing response, recovery and crisis communications plans.



   Business –

   Business Continuity Planning –  

   Sample Business Emergency Plan –

   Crisis Communications Plan –

   Small Business Toolkit - FEMA



   Non-profit Business Disaster Recovery - Handout

Emergency Management

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