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Greenwood County

South Carolina

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Greenwood County Courthouse
528 Monument Street

Room: 114

Greenwood, SC 29646
Hours: 8:30-5:00 Monday-Friday

Amanda M. Malone, Family Court Manager


Phone: (864) 942-8611

Cory K. O'Shield, Deputy Family Court Clerk


Phone: (864) 943-8081

Family Court

The FCCMS Family Court Public Portal is now available for viewing. This portal is only for Family Court Records.

Access to the FCCMS Attorney Portal requires an ID and Password.

The FCCMS public portal and the FCCMS attorney portal are fully functional now. You can access important case information about any family court cases (like, parties, filings, or hearing times) that have been filed in South Carolina by searching the public portal. Confidential cases do not populate here. The public portal also has public family court dockets for each county. You can access the portal here.


Every attorney has a profile in the attorney portal. To login to the attorney portal, use your bar ID and password. The attorney portal will populate each attorney's cases for the entire state. Confidential cases where the attorney has been linked to the case will appear here. There are lots of other useful tools there. The attorney portal can be accessed here.


Most of the time the information you need can be found here. This is a very useful tool that updates in real time. Please take advantage of the portals and share this information.

Note - Adoption records are confidential and no information regarding any adoption can be given. Also, no information can be given pertaining to any other sealed files.

Child Support Office

All child support payments should be directed to the South Carolina State Disbursement Unit. PO Box 100302, Columbia, SC 29202. Customer Service #: 1-800-768-5858

Palmetto Automated Child Support System

The Child Support Client Portal is also available at CLIENTPORTAL.DSS.SC.GOV

Uniform Statewide Family Court System

The uniform statewide Family Court system was established by statute in 1976. The Family Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all matters involving domestic or family relationships. Pursuant to this provision, the Family Court is the sole forum for the hearing of all cases concerning marriage, divorce, legal separation, custody, visitation rights, termination of parental rights, adoption, support, alimony, division of marital property, and change of name. The court also generally has exclusive jurisdiction over minors under the age of seventeen alleged to have violated any state law or municipal ordinance. However, most traffic, fish, and game law violations are still triable in the magistrate or municipal courts. Serious criminal charges may be transferred to the Circuit Court.

At least two family court judges are elected for staggered six-year terms to each of the sixteen judicial circuits, and rotate primarily from county to county within their resident circuits. Occasionally they are assigned to other circuits based upon caseload requirements as directed by the Chief Justice.

The Family Court has exclusive jurisdiction to hear cases concerning domestic disputes. Among the many types of matters that the Family Court presides over are the granting of divorces, property disputes between husband and wife, and the granting of alimony. The Family Court is also charged with child custody matters, including child support orders, visitation schedules, the termination of parental rights, the finalization of adoptions, and legal name changes. Additionally, the Family Court hears paternity disputes and domestic violence incidents. The Court also hears most juvenile criminal cases where the juvenile is under the age of seventeen. Unlike the Circuit Court, the Family Court does not employ the use of juries. Appeals from Family Court cases are heard by the South Carolina Court of Appeals.

The Family Court is a formal court of record, and operates under the South Carolina Constitution, the code of Laws of South Carolina, and the Rules of Family Court. A majority people having cases in Family Court are represented by attorneys. These attorneys have spent at least three years in law school studying the various laws and procedures. Laws regarding fairness and impartiality prevent the judges and the Clerk’s staff from giving legal advice to anyone, including those trying to represent themselves. We recommend that you consult an attorney for all Family Court legal matters.

Orders of Protection

A court can order either a temporary or final order of protection to limit the behavior of someone who harms or threatens to harm another person. If you have been threatened or you feel threatened contact the Victims Advocates Office at 864-942-8577 or 864-942-8534 for help filing for an Order of Protection.

Name Change Packet

Click here for the forms needed to petition the court for a name change. Please read the instructions carefully and follow the directions provided. As the Clerk of Court for Greenwood County, our office remains neutral in all matters before the courts we serve. Therefore, we cannot provide legal advice to anyone seeking to go before any court in Greenwood County. We cannot provide any further instructions beyond what we have provided. Thank you for understanding our constraints.


South Carolina is a closed adoption state. This means that when the adoption was finalized, the record was sealed. In order to acquire copies of adoption records from the court, we strongly suggest speaking with an attorney about other options.

Family Court filing fees:
Summons and Complaint $150.00
Summons, Complaint & Motion $175.00
Motion $ 25.00 (if filed individually)

Please note that family court forms can be found at

Filing Services Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of a Court Order or Court papers?
You can come by our Family Court Records Office, Room 114 and get a copy. We charge $0.50 per page and $1.00 for certification.

I need an Order of Protection. Where do I go?
If you need to file for an order or protection, contact the Greenwood County Victim's Advocates office at 864-942-8577

I'm not being allowed visitation as the Judge ordered. What can I do?
If you have specific visitation dates/times in a court order, bring a certified copy of the order with an affidavit explaining how the other party is in contempt.  Then come to Filing/Records and request the "Contempt of Visitation" forms. The charge filing a Motion is $25.00 (Cash only).

How do I get a divorce? Custody? Legal Separation? An Annulment?
You will need legal advice to complete the necessary actions required. We suggest you contact an attorney. We are not able to refer you to a specific attorney. Please check your local telephone directory.

Family Court

Family Court

Child Support Frequently Asked Questions

All child support payments are received and disbursed by the South Carolina State Disbursement Unit. All questions regarding payments should be directed to the SDU.

How do I make a child support payment?

Please see attached (upload payment brochure) all of the payment options.

How do I receive my child support payments?

Please see attached for payment enrollment to receive payments. i.e.: direct deposit, way2go card.  (upload brochure)

How do I update my address or employer?

You can report to the child support office to update this information or call the SDU at 1-800-768-5858.

How do I request a court date or inquire if I have a court date?

Please report to the Child Support Office in the County Courthouse, Room 103 or contact us via telephone.

How do I get a payment history or any information regarding my case?

Please create an account on the new child support customer service portal. See attached (upload link to portal: . Or you may come into the Greenwood County Child Support Office to ask for a printout. Printouts are $.50 cents per page. Also copies of child support orders are $.50 cents per page and a $2.00 fee for certified and sealed copies.

Will my wage withholding start immediately?

Most employers take 4-6 weeks to process the information.

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