Due to a power outage, all offices in the Park Plaza building are closed.  The affected departments are as follows:

Solicitor - closed - some staff operating in Greenwood County Courthouse
Coroner - office closed - staff operating on an on-call basis
Voter Registration - office closed
Public Defender - office closed
Lake Management - office closed 
Human Resources - office closed
County Administration - office closed but taking emergency calls at 942-8507
Victim's Advocate - office closed - staff operating from the Sheriff's office
Drug Enforcement Unit - office closed - staff operating from the Sheriff's office
Treasurer - office closed
Probation - office closed

As Monday, January 20th is a holliday, offices will reopen on their normal schedules on Tuesday January 21st.  

Airport Advisory Group

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Ed Hicks                            Phone:                                     Email: 

Broadus "Bo" Bowman        Phone: 864-227-6651                 Email:

Stan Stockman                  Phone: 864-227-9214                 Email:

Rick Trammell                   Phone: 864-910-2944                 Email:

Dr. Mike Turner                 Phone: 864-223-8989