Due to a power outage, all offices in the Park Plaza building are closed.  The affected departments are as follows:

Solicitor - closed - some staff operating in Greenwood County Courthouse
Coroner - office closed - staff operating on an on-call basis
Voter Registration - office closed
Public Defender - office closed
Lake Management - office closed 
Human Resources - office closed
County Administration - office closed but taking emergency calls at 942-8507
Victim's Advocate - office closed - staff operating from the Sheriff's office
Drug Enforcement Unit - office closed - staff operating from the Sheriff's office
Treasurer - office closed
Probation - office closed

As Monday, January 20th is a holliday, offices will reopen on their normal schedules on Tuesday January 21st.  

Become a Poll Worker

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a poll worker for Greenwood County.  Did you know that it takes over 300 people to run the polls in Greenwood County on Election Day? 

You may be wondering what the requirements to be a poll worker are: 

  1. a. To be a Poll Manager: you must be a registered voter in any county in South Carolina.             b. To be a Clerk:  you must be a registered voter in Greenwood County or an adjoining county (Abbeville, Edgefield, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry or Saluda Counties);
  2. OR be aged 16 or 17. (Sixteen and seventeen year olds are compensated at the same pay rate as adults.)
  3. Attend a Poll Manager Training Class before EACH election.  You can take the training online instead if you prefer. Classes are approximately 2 hours in length.
  4. Be willing and able to work the ENTIRE Election Day, from approximately 6:30 AM until approximately 7:30 PM.

If you meet these requirements, you are eligible to be a poll worker for Greenwood County.  You may be wondering if you get paid for your service on Election Day.  Yes, you do get paid for working on Election Day.  Poll workers get $135 for Election Day work ($60 for training and $75 Election Day).  Poll Managers get $195 for Election Day work ($60 for training, $135 for Election Day).  You must also complete one of the SC Retirement Systems forms either to opt in or opt out (Form 1100 or form 1104) and the W-4 form. The links are listed below. We can not issue a check until we receive the completed forms. The forms can be returned via email, fax, snail mail, or in person. Pay checks for all elections typically go in the mail within 4 weeks after the election. 

Links for Poll Worker or those interested in becoming a Poll Worker

 Apply Here - Poll Worker

2019 Poll Manager Handbook

 State Election Commission Website

Please complete one of the forms below as applicable to your situation.

Form 1100- To participate in the SC Retirement System

Form 1104- To elect to not participate in the SC Retirement System

Form W4