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Absentee Voting

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To Request an Absentee Ballot click here.

If you are active duty military personnel, spouse or dependent of military personnel, or a citizen living overseas you may use the Election Voting Accessibility Tool (EVAT) to request and receive your Absentee Ballot.  (Please Note: EVAT will only show elections that contain a Federal or State Office.  County, Municipal and School Board Elections will not appear unless held in conjunction with a State or Federal election.  You may still upload your FPCA through EVAT and the office will email, fax or mail your ballot for all other elections or you may request a ballot through the absentee website.)  More information about Military and Overseas voting information can be found at the State Election Commission's website.



Any registered voter, who meets one of the seventeen (17) reasons that are allowed by law, can vote by absentee ballot. The most common reasons are:

  • Persons age 65 or older
  • Persons on vacation
  • Physically disabled persons
  • Members of the Armed Forces, Merchant Marines, American Red Cross, US Government employees, their spouses and dependents residing with them
  • Students, their spouses, and dependents residing with them, who are away at school
  • Employees who will be away because of employment on Election Day
  • Persons attending the sick or physically disabled
  • Certified poll workers, poll managers, and poll watchers
You may apply for absentee ballots as early as January 1st for any or all election(s) held during that same year.

Applications for absentee voting can be requested by clicking the link at the top of the page, the voter in person, via telephone, or email You may also mail in a written request. However, all written requests must be in our office four (4) business days prior to an election.

Once the application is returned by the voter, and the ballot has been finalized, the ballot will be mailed.

If you come to the office to apply for an application, and the ballots are ready (normally 60 days before an election), you can vote at the same time, if you desire.

A voter's immediate family member, or an authorized representative of the voter, can request an absentee ballot application for the voter, at the request of the voter. Call the Greenwood County Voter Registration Office for further details.

Your completed ballot must be placed in the "Ballots Herein" envelope that will be in the packet you receive. The "Ballots Herein" envelope must be placed in the return envelope. The return envelope must be signed by you and witnessed by someone else before it is returned. ANYONE CAN BE YOUR WITNESS. If the return envelope is not signed and witnessed, YOUR BALLOT WILL BE CHALLENGED AND ACCORDING TO SC LAW, CANNOT BE COUNTED. The ballot can then be mailed or delivered to the office.

If someone else returns a ballot to us, other than the voter, the absentee voter must complete the "Authorization to Return Absentee Ballot" form. The absentee voter will complete Part I, and the person returning the ballot will complete Part II. The form should not be sealed in the ballot envelope.

The ballot MUST be returned to the Voting Office no later than the close of polls (7pm) on election day in order to be counted.