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Do I qualify for a Restraining order?
If you answer yes to the following questions, then you may qualify for a Restraining Order through Magistrate’s Court in Greenwood County.
• Has the person had contact with me on 2 or more occasions without my permission?
• Has the person been told not to have contact with me?
• Does the person live in Greenwood County, or did the harassment occur in Greenwood County?
• Have you filed any police reports?

Do I qualify for an Order of Protection?
If you answer yes to the following questions then you may qualify for an Order of Protection through Family Court in Greenwood County.
• Is the person I wish to seek protection from a household member according to the SC State Statute 16-25-10?
According to 16-25-10, a household member is:
1. A spouse
2. A former spouse
3. Persons who have a child in common; or
4. A male and female who are cohabiting or formerly have cohabited
• Has the household member threatened to harm me or has he/she physically abused me?
• Did the physical abuse or household member threaten to abuse you within Greenwood County?
• Am I afraid of this household member to the point that I believe I am in need of an Order of Protection?