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Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)


The Greenwood County SWAT Team is a multijurisdictional team staffed by members of the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office and the Greenwood City Police Department. Membership on the team is voluntary and is a collateral duty performed in addition to the officer’s regular duties and responsibilities.


The mission of the Greenwood County SWAT Team is to preserve life and protect the community by the use of teamwork, specialized training, tactics, and equipment to complete high risk assignments.  SWAT is a rapid deployment and reaction force which complements the proactive patrol of deputies and police officers in situations that are beyond the resources of the uniformed officer.  SWAT is organized to go anywhere at any time to arrest violators of the law and to provide a safer living environment for the public.  SWAT response shall always be in a controlled, disciplined, and professional manner to protect and serve the community.


SWAT Commander

The SWAT Commander is appointed by the Sheriff and Chief of Police. The Swat Commander is responsible for overseeing all SWAT operations and also coordinates all internal training for the members of the team.

Assistant SWAT Commander/Entry Team Leader

The Assistant SWAT Commander is selected from one of the Entry Team Leaders by the SWAT Commander. In addition to their duties as an Entry Team Leader, the Assistant SWAT Commander assists with monitoring Incident Action Plans during operations and assumes the duties and responsibilities of the SWAT Commander in his absence.

Entry Team Leader

Entry Team Leaders are senior SWAT Operators who have been selected by the SWAT Commander to lead their team during operations in accordance with the Incident Action Plan. Team Leaders are responsible for maintaining their team’s operational readiness at all times.

Entry Team Operator

Entry Team Operators receive training in special weapons and tactics and secure the crisis site during high risk SWAT operations.