BloodHound Tracking Team

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The function of the Bloodhound Tracking Team is to increase the chances of apprehension of those involved in criminal activities, which engage in fleeing from law enforcement. In addition, the Bloodhound Tracking Team will search for lost or missing children as well as adults. This unit consists of eight to twelve team members at any given time, who are under direct command of the Sheriff. Team personnel are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and can respond anywhere within Greenwood County quickly and efficiently. The bloodhounds are trained at least twice a week resulting in over 100+ hours of training per year per hound. Each Deputy is assigned regular law enforcement duties within their respective divisions in addition to their member status. Team members are tasked with several aspects of training to include, the ability to track with the bloodhound with and without the implementation of perimeters, crime scene preservation, tactical movement, building entry and clearing, subject control, the use of man tracking skills, and the care of the hounds.

Currently the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office has five hounds, which are actively trained to respond. Beaufort is a half bloodhound and half redbone hound. Beaufort is a four-year veteran of the tracking team. Scarlet is a Bavarian Mountain Hound. Scarlet is a three-year veteran of the tracking team. Sam, Riley and Duke are half bloodhound and half redbone hounds. Sam, Riley and Duke are all one-year rookies of the tracking team. All five bloodhounds have been trained, since puppies by GCSO Team Members. Combined, these bloodhounds have been involved in excess of over 100 calls and the capture of fleeing criminals. The bloodhounds have been responsible for finding several lost children as well as adults in Greenwood County. The Bloodhound Team also participates in many community civic events such as fundraisers for the Humane Society, National Night Out, Parade’s and numerous speaking engagements within Greenwood School District 50, 51 and 52. The Greenwood County Sheriffs Office’s Bloodhound Tracking Team is a vital tool, which is utilized by GCSO to provide the citizenry of Greenwood   County with professional law enforcement service.

• Over 2000 U.S. kids get lost every day

• Less than 10% are reported

• 90% of families will experience losing a child in a public place

• 95% remember the trauma of get- ting lost

• Parents rank losing a child 5 times more concerning to them than terrorism and 3 times more      concerning than abduction

• Kids get lost most often in malls and stores (45%)

• Nearly 1 in 3 families that visit an amusement park lose a child while they are there.

• Only 9% of parents put some form of safe ID on their children

• 76% of parents want to know what to do to prevent a child from getting lost

• 7 out of 10 kids get lost at least once

• The Dept. of Justice reports over 1.3 million children lost or missing each year. Of those, approximately 100 kidnappings compared to 800,000 children lost for other purposes that are not of their own will (family-related snatchings, lost for benign reasons such as wandering away

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Sergeant Jeff Graham

Bloodhound Tracking Team

528 Edgefield Street

Greenwood SC 29646

Office 864-943-8035

Mobile 864-554-4678

Fax  864-942-8589

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