Frequently Asked Questions

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1.) Does the Sheriff's Office offer finger print services (blue applicant print cards)?

Yes, we offer finger printing services M-F from 9am-4pm (excluding holidays). This service cost $10.00 per person for up to two print cards. For more information, call 864-942-8600  

2.) How do I file a Trespass Notice?
You should send the person(s) a certified letter through the US Postal Service. Request a return receipt and requested delivery if needed. If you are sending the notice to more than one person with the same address, a separate notice must be mailed to each person. 

You must then bring a copy of the signed receipt (by the person who is being placed on trespass) as received and a copy of the Trespass Notice to GCSO.
You must keep copies for your records and save the receipt from the Post Office. If the person violates the notice, then they can be charged with "Trespassing After Notice".

Click here to download a Trespass Notice.