Due to a power outage, all offices in the Park Plaza building are closed.  The affected departments are as follows:

Solicitor - closed - some staff operating in Greenwood County Courthouse
Coroner - office closed - staff operating on an on-call basis
Voter Registration - office closed
Public Defender - office closed
Lake Management - office closed 
Human Resources - office closed
County Administration - office closed but taking emergency calls at 942-8507
Victim's Advocate - office closed - staff operating from the Sheriff's office
Drug Enforcement Unit - office closed - staff operating from the Sheriff's office
Treasurer - office closed
Probation - office closed

As Monday, January 20th is a holliday, offices will reopen on their normal schedules on Tuesday January 21st.  

Greenwood County Purchasing

600 Monument Street, P103

Greenwood, SC 29646

Phone: (864) 942-8799

Fax: (864) 942-8635

Contact: Anita Baylor-


The Greenwood County Purchasing Department strives to ensure all procurement transactions are conducted in a legal, ethical, and professional manner.

The mission of this department is to provide efficient and responsive procurement services and to obtain high quality goods and services at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with county departments, vendors, and state procurements. We strive to provide knowledgeable advice, consultation, and to identify vendors who will meet the required needs of Greenwood County.

Greenwood County is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and invites the submission of bids from minority and women-owned firms.