Greenwood County Magistrate Court
528 Monument Street, Room 100
Greenwood, South Carolina 29646

Telephone: 864-942-8655
Fax Number: 864-942-8663

All Greenwood County Magistrates are located at the Central Court in Room 100 of the Greenwood County Courthouse. Greenwood County has four Magistrates; Judge Bart S. McGuire, Chief Magistrate; Judge W. Rutledge Martin, Judge C. Ryan Johnson and Judge Leisa R. Hotchkiss. South Carolina Magistrates are appointed to four-year terms by the governor and have senate approval. All Magistrate courts are under the guidance of South Carolina Court Administration.

Magistrates issue warrants, set bonds and hear criminal, traffic and civil cases, as well as preliminary hearings and transfer cases for Greenwood County. Generally the criminal jurisdiction involves cases with a maximum fine of $500.00 and/or 30 days in jail. Assessments and court costs will be added to fines in criminal cases as provided by State law. In some specific cases punishment can be more.

Civil jurisdiction is limited to matters where the relief being sought does not exceed $7,500.00 (with the exception of unpaid rent) and may include such matters as summons and complaint, landlord/tenant actions, trespass, sales of abandoned property and claim and delivery.

The forms necessary to begin most civil actions are available to you free of charge by this Office. Please remember that although we are happy to assist you with these forms, we are not qualified to offer legal advice.

Persons appearing in Magistrate Court are entitled to a jury trial and Magistrates are empowered to summon juries and conduct jury trials. Juries in Magistrate Court are randomly selected from the Voter Registration list in their respective voting district. Persons receiving a jury summons should appear at the specified time and place unless they have been excused. The Court may, for good reason, delay jury service to a later date. Contact information will be included with the jury summons.