Due to a power outage, all offices in the Park Plaza building are closed.  The affected departments are as follows:

Solicitor - closed - some staff operating in Greenwood County Courthouse
Coroner - office closed - staff operating on an on-call basis
Voter Registration - office closed
Public Defender - office closed
Lake Management - office closed 
Human Resources - office closed
County Administration - office closed but taking emergency calls at 942-8507
Victim's Advocate - office closed - staff operating from the Sheriff's office
Drug Enforcement Unit - office closed - staff operating from the Sheriff's office
Treasurer - office closed
Probation - office closed

As Monday, January 20th is a holliday, offices will reopen on their normal schedules on Tuesday January 21st.  

County Ordinance

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What are the laws on addressing? South Carolina Statute Chapter 47 Section 23-47-60 and Greenwood County Code  requires all residences and businesses to properly post their assigned address within 21 days of receipt. Failing to do so is a misdemeanor and you may receive a fine up to $250.00 or be sent to jail for 30 days for every day you fail to comply.

Read the ... Greenwood County Address Ordinance document

If you own property in Greenwood County you are required by state law to properly display the correct house number that has been assigned. All structures that can be used for residential or business purposes have previously been assigned a number. State law specifies that numbers must be posted on the home or building and be clearly visible from the road. If the home or building cannot be seen from the road or is situated more than 50' from the road. Then you are also required to post the number at the entrance to you property. If you are in violation of this law you are subject to a fine. As the property owner you may also be liable if emergency medical services, fire services or Law enforcement cannot locate these properties during an emergency.

Read More ...Address Management Guidelines document

If you have any questions pertaining to your address or posting your house number please call (864) 942-8659.