October 2015 Rain Event Recovery

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The rain event of 3-22 October 2015 impacted a wide area of Greenwood County.  The Governor of South Carolina as well as the President of the United States declared Greenwood County (including all jurisdictions) a major disaster area and approved both individual and public assistance.  FEMA was dispatched to the county and has worked with individuals as well as the public entities to provide immediate and long-term assistance. However, federal, state and local governments are limited in what they can provide and there are unmet needs.  To help meet these needs, volunteer organizations at the national, state and local levels have stepped forward to provide assistance. 

This page will contain information to help individuals recover from this event.  From tips to appeal FEMA denial letters to how to connect with volunteer agencies.

FEMA Appeal Process for Individual Assistance


The following document is a guide for Long Term Recovery

Long Term Recovery Guide