County Red Cross Shelters

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Below is a list of Red Cross Shelters in Greenwood County. These shelters will be opened only when needed. Need is determined by hazard impacts in the community and when opened, Red Cross will operate them. 

In order to determine which shelters are open, please listen to the local radio stations (Sunny 103.5 FM or WCRS 1450 AM), look on line at the Red Cross Shelter website, or call 211.   

Shelter Names: Ware Shoals High School in Ware Shoals, Emerald High School, Old Ninety Six High School in Ninety Six, Main Street United Methodist Church, Wesley Commons, Brewer Middle School, Greenwood High School, Edgewood Middle School in Ninety Six, Grace Community Church, Rehoboth United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church in Ninety Six, First Presbyterian Church, South Main Street Baptist Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church and Callie Self Baptist Memorial Church.

Unless stated above, shelter locations have a Greenwood address.