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  • I am caring for an elderly family member in my home who is not under hospice care, but very near death. When he/she passes away can I call the funeral home, or do I have to call the Coroner’s Office?

  • Can I donate my relative’s organs and tissues?

  • There are no funds for burial. What do I do?

  • Will an autopsy be performed?

  • How/Where can I get the death certificate?

  • Can anyone call the coroner’s office to find out if a particular person has died in Greenwood County?

  • Who can get copies of a decedent’s reports?

  • Does the Greenwood Coroner’s Office keep records of where someone is buried?

  • Will I be charged for the services of the Coroner?

  • Why is the Coroner involved?

  • What are the office hours of the Greenwood County Coroner's Office?