Services and Fees

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Register of Deeds

Recording fee are as follows: A) Deeds, Leases, Contracts of Sale, Trust Indentures, Agreements, Right of Ways, Restrictions, Amendments, Bond for Title, Mortgages, Surety Bonds, Easements -- $10.00 for the first 4 pages & $1.00 per page thereafter; B) Power of Attorneys, Revocation of Power of Attorneys, Bankruptcy -- $15.00 for the first 4 pages & $1.00 per page thereafter; C) Plats – Small $5.00, Large $10.00; D) Releases, Assignments, Subordinations, Modifications -- $6.00 for the first page & $1.00 per page thereafter; E) Satisfactions, Notary Registrations -- $5.00; F) Separate Affidavits, Probates or Certificates (not attached to a document), State & Federal Tax Liens -- $10.00; G) Notice of Project Commencements -- $15.00.

Financing Statements or UCC Fees -- $8.00 up to 2 pages and up to 2 debtors. $10.00 for UCCs that are 3 pages with up to 2 Debtors. Additional pages (more than 3 pages) are $1.00 per page. Additional debtors (more than 2) are $2.00 per name.

Family Court

Family Court filing fees:
Summons and Complaint $150.00
Summons, Complaint & Motion $175.00
Motion $25.00 (if filed individually)

Circuit Courts

Civil Court Filing Fees:
Summons and Complaint $150.00
Motion $25.00