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How to Appear on Council Agendas

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Sec. 2-2-9. - Appearances, presentations and petitions.

(a) Any person desiring to be heard during the regular council meeting must submit his request to the county manager to 12:00 noon on the Thursday preceding the next regular council meeting scheduled for the following Tuesday, notwithstanding the provisions of Subsection (e) hereinbelow.

(b) Each request must give the name and address of the person appearing, the nature of his presentation, and the estimated time length for the presentation.

(c) If a presentation should be made on behalf of an organization or group of persons, the organization or group will designate one spokesman to make the presentation on behalf of that particular group or organization.

(d) If the chairman of the council determines that there is insufficient time available for a personal appearance at a particular meeting, he may schedule the personal appearance for any subsequent meeting, considering the availability of time. The chairman may, in his discretion, establish time limits for any presentation or personal appearance.

(e) During the public comment period, as specified on the agenda of a regular meeting of the Council, a member of the public may speak on any listed item appearing on the agenda, with the exception of personnel matters, by signing a speakers list maintained by the clerk to Council prior to the start of the public comment period. The speaker must identify the agenda item to which they will be speaking. No speaker will be allowed to speak to multiple agenda items. At the discretion of the Chairman or presiding officer, the length of the time for any speaker's presentation may be limited and the number of speakers also may be limited.

(f) Once an individual or the spokesman for a group concludes his presentation or comments made pursuant to either Subsection (a) or (e) hereinabove, he shall be seated, and no person other than a member of the council will be recognized to make any statement on such matter unless requested to do so by the Council or by any member of the council through the Chairman. 

(g) This procedure shall not be applicable to representatives of the news media, nor shall it apply to council staff members or other county employees who may be recognized by the chairman for questions and comments relating to the business of the council.

(h) No matter shall be entered on the agenda or heard by the council unless it is within the council's authority or jurisdiction, provided that the council may entertain requests that it make recommendations to other governmental bodies, departments or agencies.

(Ord. No. 2-79, 2-20-79; Code 1980, § 2-2-9; Ord. No. 2013-23, 4-2-2013)

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