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Greenwood County Grievance Committee

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Term of Office: 3 years

Authority: The Grievance Committee was established by Greenwood County Ordinance 5-85 to provide a means whereby any employee who feels that he has been subjected to unfair, discriminatory or abusive treatment or abusive treatment may secure a hearing without delay and be assured of a prompt, orderly and fair response to the grievance or appeal. The employee shall be entitled to such time off from his regular duties as many be necessary and reasonable for the presentation and processing of the grievance or appeal without loss of pay, vacation or other credits.

Membership: The county manager shall appoint, subject to the approval of the county council, a committee composed of five members, to be known as the grievance committee. The committee shall be appointed so that it will produce a cross section of the county's employees. The committee members shall serve terms of office of three years, except that, of the members initially appointed, one shall serve for one year, two shall serve for two years, and two shall serve for three years. Positions which become vacant shall be filled on an interim basis for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Responsibilities: The committee shall conduct such investigations and fact-findings as may be necessary and will give its written decision to the county council within ten working days after the hearing. If the council approves the committee's decision, the decision of the committee shall be final and shall be transmitted to the employee and the employing department. If however, the council rejects the decision of the committee, the council shall make its own written decision without  further hearing, and that written decision shall be final. Copies of the written decision shall be transmitted to the employee and the employing department. The written decision of the county shall be rendered to the parties concerned within 30 working days after the receipt of the committee's decision.

Gwd County Policy 7.30, Grievance Procedure

Meeting Schedule: As needed
Staff Liaison: Phil Lindler


Member Position Term expires
Gage Timmerman EMS July 1, 2021
Tee Timmerman (Alternate) Parks & Recreation July 1, 2021
Melvin Dunlap Solid Waste July 1, 2021
Phil Lindler, Chairman Director of Planning July 1, 2021
Melissa Duff Human Resources July 1, 2021
Anita Baylor Procurement Officer  July 1, 2021