Greenwood County Board of Voter Registration and Elections

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Terms of office:
Authority: Greenwood County Legislative Delegation
Membership:  Nine
Responsibilities: Certification of election results, voter registration duties, and absentee precinct duties.
Meeting Schedule: As advertised
Staff Liason: Connie Moody

Member Position Term
Beth Rembert Member December 1, 2018
Jack Chalock Member December 1, 2020
James Wilson Member December 1, 2020
David Eddy
Member  December 1, 2018
Derwin Sthare
Member  December 1, 2018
David Connor
Member  December 1, 2018
Ann Broome
Member  December 1, 2020
Don Going
 December 1, 2018
Fred Payne Member December 1, 2020