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Greenwood County

South Carolina

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Greenwood County Beginning Lake Locator Initiative

9/28/22, 4:00 PM

Greenwood County Beginning Lake Locator Initiative

Greenwood County and City of Greenwood Sign Fire Services Automatic Aid Agreement

9/23/22, 4:00 PM

Greenwood County and City of Greenwood Sign Fire Services Automatic Aid Agreement

Greenwood County Voter Registration and Elections Office Moving to New Location

9/9/22, 4:00 PM

Greenwood County Voter Registration and Elections Office Moving to New Location


Evidence & Property

The Evidence and Property Department falls underneath the umbrella of our Criminal Investigation Division and is responsible for collecting, receiving, storing, and control of physical evidence/property in the custody of the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office. The department receives numerous items ranging from items collected from a crime scene to found property.

The department is comprised of one Evidence Technician who also functions as our Crime Scene Technician.  The Evidence Technician works closely with all our divisions ensuring the proper handling, processing, retention, and ultimate disposition of evidence or property collected in the field or stored within our department.

If you have property stored within the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office or have any questions you may contact our Evidence and Property Department at (864) 943-8055 or you may email our Evidence Technician at gallison@greenwoodsc.gov.

Victim Services

Greenwood County Victim Services, under the Criminal Investigation Division, assists victims of crime from the incident date through resolution.  The role of an advocate is unique due to their sole focus on the victims, and ensuring victims receive all appropriate information and assistance, regarding their case. Below are some of the available services the Greenwood County Victim Service offers.

  • Information and Explanation about court procedures.

  • Ensure that the rights of all victims are being met.

  • Notification of court schedule and status of case.

  • Orientation to courtroom procedures and setting.

  • Accompaniment to court during and after the trial or plea, or for post-sentencing hearings.

  • Moral and emotional support before, during and after trial or plea, or for the post-sentencing hearings.

  • Assist eligible victims in preparing and obtaining an Order of Protection and Restraining Orders.

  • Counseling referrals to help crime victims cope with the aftermath of a crime.

  • Assistance with filing application for the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund for eligible victims.

  • Employment intervention to explain rime missed from work due to any court appearances.

  • Property recovery assistance for items being held as evidence by Law Enforcement.

If you should have any questions you can contact one of our Victim Advocates:

Victim Services Main Line 

Catie Young - Victim Services Manager

Kendra Busha - Victim Advocate

Part Time Clerk 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for a Restraining order?
If you answer yes to the following questions, then you may qualify for a Restraining Order through Magistrate’s Court in Greenwood County.

• Has the person had contact with me on 2 or more occasions without my permission?
• Has the person been told not to have contact with me?
• Does the person live in Greenwood County, or did the harassment occur in Greenwood County?
• Have you filed any police reports?

Do I qualify for an Order of Protection?
If you answer yes to the following questions then you may qualify for an Order of Protection through Family Court in Greenwood County.

• Is the person I wish to seek protection from a household member according to the SC State Statute 16-25-10?
According to 16-25-10, a household member is:
1. A spouse
2. A former spouse
3. Persons who have a child in common; or
4. A male and female who are cohabiting or formerly have cohabited
• Has the household member threatened to harm me or has he/she physically abused me?
• Did the physical abuse or household member threaten to abuse you within Greenwood County?
• Am I afraid of this household member to the point that I believe I am in need of an Order of Protection?

Investigations Division

Investigations Division